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Birthday Limousine Service

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Nothing says style like a great limousine.  It opens doors.  It creates an aura.  Besides, even if you already have a fantastic ride, everybody at birthday party should be allowed to party.  Nobody wants to be the designated driver; every body should be able to get into the fun.  Getting from one venue to another would be much safer with a professional driver on the wheel of a vehicle.  If you are hiring a Birthday Limousine Service for a birthday party, or any other occasion, here are a few things to consider.  This means doing a little research ahead of time.  Making a few inquiries is also a great way to save on the limousine rates since most limousine services offer packages that cover all kinds of occasions and events.


One of the first things to ask a Birthday Limousine Service is about their safety record.  Ask if their cars are annually checked and if they have all the necessary federal and state permits.  Most limousine service will allow customers to visit their offices or garage to inspect the limousine they have chosen online or from a brochure, this will also allow you to see other limousines and maybe change your mind.  An upgrade in vehicle quality is always good.  Visits or inspections are allowed but most will ask that you call ahead of time to make sure the limousine you want to rent is available for viewing.  This can also give you a better overall view of the company’s working style.  Are their employees professional and courteous?  Is the general working area clean and well kept?  All of these questions should allow you to make a well informed decision.


Another question that should be answered before booking a vehicle from a Birthday Limousine Service is the total number of people who will ride on the vehicle.  This is to make sure there will be room for everybody.  Also, some vehicles have to different comfort levels, when a vehicle can carry five-seven people this usually means that five people can sit very comfortably but if necessary can accommodate up to seven people.  Make sure you choose the vehicle with the proper seating capacity that can not just fit your entire party but at the level of comfort you want.  A Birthday Limousine Service can suggest the right vehicle type for your party since wasted space will mean wasted money, unless you don’t mind.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect limousine from a Birthday Limousine Service always ask about the price.  This will eliminate the possibility of a terrible end to what should be a perfect evening.  Limousines are priced depending on the vehicle type, amenities, vehicle capacity and other factors.  And always make sure you save some money to tip the driver at the end of the night, limousine drivers are there not just to cater to your driving needs but so much more.  Limousine drivers usually know the best places to go and can often get you into best clubs.

Call us today at 416-623-8200 to rent affordable birthday limos and get a free quote…