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Corporate Limousine Service

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A Corporate Limousine Service is not just about prestige, it is about safety and convenience.  These companies offer a number of services that can cater to the needs of most people, whether the purpose is for work or for fun.  The service includes a vehicle of the client’s choice and a chauffeur.  Most offer their services on an hourly rate with rates mostly derived from the type of vehicle but some offer fixed rates wherein the client is picked-up from a certain location and then delivered to a specific location, this type of service is commonly used by hotels to have special guests taken to or from airports.  Here is a list of some of the most commonly used Corporate Limousine Service types.


Wedding limousine service is a very popular Corporate Limousine Services.  It services the need of a wedding party.  This service, if provided to the bride of the wedding, usually covers picking up the bride and delivering her to the location of the service.  After the wedding ceremony the vehicle will deliver the bride and groom to the reception party, although in some instances the best man and maid of honor may also ride.  Most limousine companies offer this service as a package with the price depending the duration of the ceremony.  Vehicles to be used are usually based on the number of people expected to ride but for weddings, to accommodate the possibly large dress, the bride is often counted as two people.


As we have mentioned before another of the more popular limousine service types is the airport limousine service.  As implied by the names it covers the picking-up of the client and delivering them to the airport.  This type of service is also charged by the hour but there are some companies that offer a fixed rate from a certain general area to the airport.  Depending on your location and the availability of choosing from either one choose which best suits your needs.  Hourly limousines usually refrain from rushing clients since the price will depend on the duration of time consumed, those with fixed rates based on distance may not be so patient but most limousine drivers are courteous and professional.


Some clients use a Corporate Limousine Service for other occasions like birthdays.  Most people use this type of service is usually for people who for safety reason do not wish to drive after a night of partying.  Nevertheless, there are some who use this service to create a glamour effect, some panache.  This service includes the ferrying of a group of people from one location to another. This service usually does not include the alcohol but as long as clients are of legal age companies will usually allow alcohol to be brought into the limousine.  Another advantage of using this service is the numerous contacts a Corporate Limousine Service have acquired, this means, although not always, easier access to hard to get in clubs.  Even if the company will not contact with these entertainment establishments a good and experienced chauffeur will usually have their own network of contacts.  Whichever type of Corporate Limousine Service you use, always remember to tip the chauffeur at the end of the night.

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