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Limousine Rates

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The way limousines are depicted on television shows and movies as celebrity and VIP perks it can be very surprising to many people how affordable limousine rates are.  Finding a limousine service that is priced fairly is just a matter of finding the right limousine company in your city or area.  Ordinary people can certainly celebrate special moments in one of these luxury vehicle often thought to be just for the rich and famous.  If you have a special occasion coming up like a wedding, prom, bachelor party, or any other occasion, look up some of the limousine service companies in your city there is no reason why you should not travel in style on your special day.


Most limousines are available at flat hourly rates.  This covers the fuel for the vehicle but not the tip for the chauffeur.  Many people consider the limousine driver as a more factor in choosing a limousine service than the vehicles themselves.  Limousine chauffeurs provide a personal service and are often required to do things that are beyond the call of regular duty so it is important to tip your chauffeurs well.  Some services offer rates based not just on the number of hours but also the number of people using the limousine.  This means that the hourly rate is multiplied by the number of people who will be using the vehicle.  Choose whichever limousine rates are better for you depending on the number of people you plan to accommodate.


The type of cars also affects limousine rates.  Better and bigger cars will naturally have higher rates.  Regular limousines that can have as many as four passengers will usually have a lower rate compared to the same type of vehicle stretched out to accommodate ten people.  If the purpose of using a limousine is to draw attention or make a statement then the longer the limousine the better, regardless of how many people step out of it.  When choosing the length of a limousine to hire, it is better to know the exact number of people who will need to use the vehicle.  Often times, because it holds more people, even if longer limousines generally cost more per hour than comparable but shorter limousines, the cost per person will go down as more people share the same limousines.  Longer limousines might also lower the total number of vehicles and trips needed for large parties.


Limousines can be thought of as an excessive expense item that can be done away with, but limousines can be a very safe way for people to travel during special occasions.  Professional chauffeurs can ferry people from one location to another without having to designate someone to drive.  This means no one gets left out in the fun and even more importantly no one who shouldn’t drive needs to drive.  If you have a special occasion coming up and you want to have fun together with your friends and family without having to worry about the road safety of guests then hire a professional limousine service to take care of your transportation needs.  There are different vehicles and services to choose from with the right limousine rates for you.

Call us today at 416-623-8200 for affordable limousine rates and get a free quote…