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There are numerous types of limos available in the market. It is your choice which limo you would prefer the most. One of the most famous limousines is the. This limo is the most used in US.  This limo is available at $50,000 and goes up to $100,000 for its various features. The smooth and silky ride along with a massive trunk and the palatial dimensions make it an ideal shuttle for the aristocrats and VIPs who need it the most.

This model can seat up to 4 passengers and is equipped with wide rear and front bench seats which give a lot of space for the passengers to handle. There are new additions to the Lincoln Town Car models which are appreciated for the stronger frame and upgraded brakes and sharpened features of the steering. The storage areas are increased abundantly along with a roomier interior space and a large trunk and a magic carpet ride among the other features which have earned the current Lincoln Town Car accolades from users and critics. It is rated as an affordable luxury car and it also holds a special place in the luxury sedan segment of cars. It gives a tough competition to the other cars in the same segment. It is not possible for everyone to buy this car due to its price range but you can definitely rent it for your special occasions and flaunt it in style. These Lincoln Town Cars are available with the rental limo companies which serve many cities.

Cities We serve | Lincoln Town Car

These limo rental companies serve you on your very special occasions like the Wedding ceremony or the prom nights or your bachelor and bachelorette parties or even for night outs as well. They not only do give you a pick up and drop service but also take you to some fantastic places where you can enjoy the ambience as well as the ride in the limo. For instance if you have hired a Lincoln Town Car for a night out then you can opt for the packages which provide you with the multiple drop off and multiple stops for you to hop from one party or destination to the other with much ease. The main idea behind this service is that you can get a great ride without thinking too much of the driving and the directions and even for consuming alcohol while you enjoy the parties. All these points make the limo rental companies a great option to choose along with the dream limo which you always wanted to travel in. These companies serve all these features at an affordable rate which no one would deny at all. So you can make you special day more special by renting this limo.

Lambo Chrysler 300C Super stretch | LimousineRentalsToronto.Ca

As the automakers keep on developing the new and improved models it is a task for them. When a new model becomes a hit just as the Chrysler 300C the result is limorentaltorontofavorable press coverage along with a high customer satisfaction rating and a halo effect that can extend to the entire product range. The Chrysler’s 300C is a hit but the German-American automaker isn’t stopping here. A super stretched version of the car is being developed the one that may find a following amongst enthusiasts but only if the price is appropriate.

But why would DaimlerChrysler authorize a super stretch of the 300C version? For many reasons including –

  • The market of the limousines – Although the Chrysler 300C is not on the same level as the Lincoln Town Car or the Cadillac DTS but the car does compete with the Ford Crown Victoria with utmost ease. Hence the taxi and limousine operators will be drawn to the Lambo Chrysler 300C super stretch as the car gives its passengers the room that they actually need.
  • The Pursuit in the Market – The most popular police pursuit vehicle is the Ford Crown Victoria followed by the Chevy Impala and the Chrysler was long ago ceded the market when they quit building larger rear wheel drive cars. The super stretched 300C could fit in nicely and give the automaker some additional sales to boost the market share. One could also look for a similarly stretched Dodge Charger to also be built once 300C demand had been proved.
  • The Luxury limo Market – However the 300C is not known as a luxury car but a model coming down the pike 3-4 years from now will surely be. The term luxury definitely comes with the limos. But the Lambo Chrysler super stretch 300C has enough room to accommodate a maximum of 14 passengers. This will help to accommodate all the guests with utmost ease and elegance.

The Lambo Chrysler C300 super stretch limousine is another popular choice and is very similar to a Bentley in the design and looks. A super stretched Chrysler C300 is a very elegant look for a classy wedding day or a prom night. There are many other luxury styles of limos you can choose from depending on who you are hiring the limo services from.

When booking a wedding limo you need to contact the limo hire company to get a quote and be sure to let them know how many people you want to transport in the limo. You can even ask the company about special additions to your limo for the day. You will be surprised at the amount of perks and additions that are available in limos in today’s times. Almost everything from a portable service bar to a television to a premiere sound system is available with the modern day limo rentals.

Limos and its usage | Limousine Rentals Toronto

Every person dreams of something or the other. Some dream of a palatial house or mansion while some dream of a grand wedding. However some have dreams like Limos and its usage | Limousine Rentals Torontotravelling in a limo just like the king of this world. This dream may not be true for many as they must think that buying a limo will be expensive and worthless as well as it comes with a lot of added responsibilities. But what if this limo would come without any responsibilities and at a cheap price to pay, then there would hardly anyone who would reject such an offer. Yes, this is absolutely possible. All you have to do is rent a limousine and enjoy it to the fullest. This will even be cheap on the pocket. But just renting a limo for no rhyme or reason would sound stupid. This royal legend needs a reason to celebrate. This reason can be anything from a Birthday to an Anniversary, or a Night Out to a Casino night, or a Sweet 16 party to a Wedding ceremony. You could even use it for Airport transfers as it would cost just a little more than the usual transport charges. For all this you first need to know whether such a service is available in your city or not. Listed below are a few cities which serve such limo rental services.

Cities which offer limos and its usage

All these cities possess lovely places where one can spend some quality time with their beloved or near and dear ones. All these companies have the best packages which offer almost everything to their customer. These packages are Silver, Platinum and Gold to name a few. The basic difference between all these is that they are almost similar yet different. The basic similarity between all these packages is that they would serve you with all the basic amenities and still offer you to provide something extra with a higher package.  It is up to you to decide the kind of package required by you. Apart from all these, the most important part is renting the limo of your dreams. This should not be compromised and needs great attention. There are many types of limos available in the market. You should choose the one which best suits you and your requirements. For example, you would not want to rent a limo which would not be able to accommodate all your guests even if it would be one of your favourite limos. So you will have to first confirm these details before you choose your pick. A 1958 Bentley would be best for a romantic date as it comes with a seating capacity of 2. In case of a large group of 20 to 24 passenger an F 650 SUV would be great. For a bigger group a Limo Bus would be best as it could easily accommodate up to 40 passengers. So all this will help you to finalise a limo for your big day.

Wedding Limousine Rentals For Your Unforgettable Wedding Memory

Weddings are not planned over a dinner. They need a lot of planning and many important things needs to be taken into consideration. These important things include the location, catering, decoration and the most importantly, the transportation for the bridal party. If this transportation is by a limo, then there is no comparison to it. Weddings and limos are a great style statement and an elegant way to arrive at your wedding venue. This will also be a good way for the wedding couple’s friends and family to stay together all the time even while travelling. The limo comes with a lot of attractions for your D-Day. As this day is very special for the bride and groom it would be wonderful if the bride is picked up in a beautifully decorated limo. The limo will make it easy for the bride to sit in her lovely wedding gown with ease. She could even be accompanied by her bridesmaid without being cramped for proper space. The limo service will also arrange for a red carpet for the bride and groom when they alight from the limo to go to the wedding area.

Make your wedding experience as you embark on a journey of a lifetime in style and sophistication. Our meticulously maintained fleet of limousines, driven by professional chauffeurs, ensures a seamless and glamorous transportation experience, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

There are many types of packages available for the limo services. They are:

Silver Package | Weddings and Limos | LimousineRentalsToronto.Ca

  • Consecutive 5 hours of service.
  • A uniformed chauffeur
  • A red carpet service
  • Ribbon and bow decorations
  • A just married sign
  • Refreshments
  • A Complimentary bottle of champagne

GOLD PACKAGE | Weddings and Limos | LimousineRentalsToronto.Ca

  • Consecutive 7 hours of service.
  • A uniformed chauffeur
  • A red carpet service
  • Ribbon and bow decorations
  • A just married sign
  • Refreshments
  • A Complimentary bottle of champagne

PLATINUM PACKAGE | Weddings and Limos | LimousineRentalsToronto.Ca

  • Consecutive 12 hours of service.
  • A uniformed chauffeur
  • A red carpet service
  • Ribbon and bow decorations
  • A just married sign
  • Refreshments
  • 3 bottles of complimentary champagne
  • A lunch platter of assorted sandwiches
  • Late night pickup

It would be necessary for you to book a limo service well in advance so that you do not compromise on your main day. Also you must have a look at the limo which will be coming at your doorstep so that you will not have a panic situation in case of any changes. There are many cities which offer these limo services in Canada like the Toronto, Hamilton, Whitby, Aurora, Sarnia, and Guelph. The limos are of many sizes and brands and it is necessary for you to choose one of them and book it as soon as possible. One such limo is the Ford Excursion SUV. This limo can accommodate a minimum of 12 passengers. The main reason for a limo is to be together and enjoy every moment at this special event. A few tips which should be checked while booking a limo is the license of the limo service to know its genuineness, the condition of the limo to save you from any last minute changes. Apart from all these, the chauffeurs of such limo services are well trained and responsible for you to relax and enjoy this special day to the fullest.

Limos specially designed for Casinos | Limousine Rentals Toronto

Casinos are a great attraction for the rich and famous and are therefore very popular among the general crowd as well. Everyone would at least once like to visit aLimos specially designed for Casinos Casino in their life time. This visit should be really stylish and should make others feel like some rich and famous has arrived. This can be possible by renting a limo to travel to the casino. This is not a costly affair if you think so. It can be rented at very attractive rates and offers many deals and packages for the same. All you need to do is just enquire about it and strike the right deal. There are many major casinos in Toronto like Casino Niagara, Woodbine, Casino Rama, Flamborough and Windsor as Buffalo and Montreal to name a few. You can visit the Casino in a large group of people or even a few for that matter as the Casino Limos can accommodate them with utmost ease. One such limo is a Hummer H2 SUV Stretch. This limo can accommodate a maximum of seven passengers at one time and still provides a great comfort. This is the most stylish limo which can cater to your needs of hoping from one casino to the other with elegance. This will provide a luxurious ride and a VIP treatment all the way to the casino and back.

Casino Limo packages | Limos specially designed for Casinos | Limousine Rentals Toronto

  • Package 1

  1. A consecutive service of four hours
  2. A casino tour through the wonderful Niagara Falls
  3. An entry to any one of the two casinos.
  • Package 2

  1. A consecutive service of six hours
  2. A casino tour through the wonderful Niagara Falls
  3. An entry to two casinos.
  • Package 3

  1. A consecutive service of eight hours.
  2.  A casino tour through the wonderful Niagara Falls
  3. Time allowed for Dinner
  4.  An entry to Falls view and Niagara casinos

All these packages help in getting a great deal and enjoying every bit of your limo travel to the casinos. When in the mood for a casino evening with friends and family, there is surely going to be a lot of fun involved in it along with alcohol. This can be dangerous as you could get pulled over by a cop for doing so. This is not socially right as well. You can easily hire a casino limo and enjoy the night without worrying to drive and park as well. You can also consume alcohol while on the go without worrying of being caught of drinking while driving. All this will be done by your personal chauffeur who is professionally trained for such outings. This will also help you to relax and let yourself loose for the night from all the restrictions.

Limos for Airports

Everyone travels by flights and take the taxis or other transports to travel to the airport. However have you ever thought of taking the limousine service to the Airport Limousine Serviceairport or the thought of the exorbitant rates for such services has forced you to take a backseat. But if you would spend a little bit of time to consider the needs and preferences of your travel, you might find that hiring a limo will be a better option for you. The most visible difference between a standard taxi cab and an airport limo is the comfort you get in it. Limos are any day more luxurious and comfortable than any normal car. Also you can hire it for around the same price as a taxi and enjoy a much comfortable ride without spending anything extra. If you are a frequent traveler then you can choose a normal cab but if you are only planning on leaving from or going to the airport then this airport limo service will be a very good deal for you.

Meeting and Greeting | Limousine Rentals Toronto

The main service delivered to a customer is by the chauffeur. This service starts from the baggage claim check point. All you have to do is find the chauffeur with the limo car rental sign board with your name on it and you are ready to take the royal tour of the limo. This is done as the rental companies want their customers to be at the most comfortable level. The pickup procedure is very easy at all the airports just like the one in Toronto. Almost all the airport limos are top of the line models like the –

Reasons for renting a limo | Limousine Rentals Toronto

The limo services are reliable in all the ways. The most important for all the fliers is to reach the airport on time. This is a very reliable way to trust these limo services as they are available at least 15 minutes before time to ensure you a timely drop off at the airport. Most of these limo services track your flight details in case of any delays and adjusts the pickup time accordingly. You will only need to inform the limo services in case if you cancel your flight or reschedule it to get a timely service for the same. Limos for airports are a great way of transfers. They can be the most efficient and elegant way to travel and at almost the same prices as the taxis. This way you will get the experience of the limos and also can make it a routine if you would be travelling frequently. In case if you are travelling with a group of business associates and want to create an impression then this can be the most reasonable way to do so.