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Wedding Limousine Packages

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If there is an occasion that should always go perfectly as planned but rarely ever does it’s a wedding.  It becomes more and more important to make sure as much of the important aspects of the wedding are taken care of by experienced and certified personnel.  One of these services that need to be taken care of as soon as possible is the transportation needs of the wedding entourage.  There are many limousine services that offer special wedding limousine packages at very reasonable prices.  Every bride wants to arrive at their wedding in style and comfort and nothing says style better than a limousine.


Limousines are very popular for wedding ceremonies and many companies have already prepared packages to cover the entire wedding ceremony.  Services can include not just the actual limousines for the bride and groom but might also include transportation for guests and friends.  Limousines can be provided for the bride, groom, family members and even buses for members of the wedding party.  Depending on the number of people that will need transportation it is advisable to book limousine services well ahead of time.  The earlier the couple or planner discusses the wedding limousine packages available and needed the faster it can be set aside for other aspects of the wedding.


One of the concerns when it comes to limousine services is the cost.  Most are intimidated by the prestige that limousines exude but the rates are reasonable and there are many options to add or remove depending on the needs and budget.  The standard deposit for limousine bookings is two hundred dollars per unit but may be as much as four hundred depending on the day of the week and the type of vehicle preferred.  This deposit is usually not refundable but will be taken from your final bill.  You may be able to arrange for a reduction on the deposit depending on the wedding limousine packages you choose.


Most limousines have a minimum number of rental hours.  Many of the limousine companies require at least three or four hours per limousine.  This should be enough for a short wedding ceremony but depending on the distance needed to be traveled for where the entourage needs be retrieved to the location of the wedding ceremony and to the eventual reception party it is recommended that the limousine be booked for at least an extra hour.  This gives more flexibility for slight change of plans or unforeseeable changes.  If the ceremony takes too long or if the reception party gets extended then the limousine company will automatically charge for extra hours.  Some companies charge at 15-minute increments while some charge for the complete hour.  If you think your wedding will have a good chance of rolling on beyond the designated time to end then inquire about their overtime rates and penalties, if any.


If a wedding is coming up, your or someone special to you, then always look into the limousine services available in your area as soon as possible.  It is always better to book as early as possible to get better wedding limousine packages rates and also to be able to choose for better limousine units available.  Last minute bookings may have less than optimal options for their limousines.  Bright pink limousines are perfect for parties but it may be too much for a wedding.

Call us at 416-623-8200 to learn more about our wedding limousine packages